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Check and Cancel for EMIS is live!

Shared by Product • June 19, 2024

We are delighted to announce that Check and Cancel for EMIS is now live!

See our Check and Cancel guides here.

Before you begin make sure you have created your API user in EMIS and validated it in the Service Delivery Console. Read our implementation guide for help

Why not view our tutorial on how to add Check and Cancel to your call flow here?

New feature

CLI selection from the Phonebar

Shared by Product • May 29, 2024

Surgeries can manage which numbers are used by all users across the service. They can now set the CLIs users can select from the Phonebar on an individual basis.

Via the Phonebar User Menu, users can click on CLI to choose an alternative CLI from the list of numbers they have been allocated.

See our Guide on CLI Settings for Phonebar users.


NHS 8 Metric Reporting data

Shared by Product • April 04, 2024


The new Report Portal landing page goes live today and features the NHS 8 Metrics. We have also added a new Summary page to the monthly Management Report.

Please see the NHS 8 Metrics Report and updated Management Report guides for more information.

Thank you

Patient Callback enhancements

Shared by Product • March 08, 2024

We are delighted to announce that our new Patient Callback enhancements are live!

X-flow changes

The Group Properties Block has a new setting within the Patient Callback Tab for additionally adding a Queue Duration and the option to send an SMS with Queue Position webpage link

There is a new Patient Callback block in the Group Properties Playlist. This has a call end attached to it which cannot be deleted. This allows Patient Callback to be offered multiple times in the queue process

EXISTING CUSTOMERS should edit their call flows offering Patient Callback, move the queue position to the end of their playlist and add the patient callback block if they wish to offer patient callback multiple times in the queue process

SDC Changes

The new Advanced Tab, Manage Patient Callback area allows surgeries to customise the heading and body to the queue position SMS which also contains the Queue Position webpage link. Surgeries have the option to customise the SMS with information (subject to character limit, links can be included but no images are accepted). There is a default message in place so no need to make changes if you don't want to

This SMS is FREE, the SMS Guide has been updated

Reporting changes

The SMS report has been enhanced to show the Queue position SMS sent

Below are the new and updated guides to support this feature:


Over 10,000 NHS pharmacies begin treating people for common conditions

Shared by Product • January 31, 2024

Your call flow is a very powerful tool for keeping your patients informed and assisting them in accessing the care they need.

In light of the Government's recent announcement that 7 common conditions can now be treated by a Pharmacist, you may want to let your patients know that if they are calling in about certain conditions they need not necessarily queue to speak to you.

Instead, you could change your greeting or advice prompt to advise them about the conditions which can be dealt with by a Pharmacist.

To learn more about editing your prompts click here,


For more information on X-flow click here


Calling All SystmOne Customers, it's Time to Upgrade!

Shared by Product • January 16, 2024

All SystmOne Surgery Connect customers will need to upgrade to our updated Phonebar before the end of February 2024,

The current product is EOL (End of life). Therefore your integration will not work beyond this date.

Our dedicated team are here to support you with your upgrade. To upgrade, visit our support portal and raise a ticket.

Free User Training

To help you make the most of the new Phonebar features we offer a series of live online user training sessions. To book your session please email or view our schedule.

Phonebar Features

The Surgery Connect Phonebar consolidates GP telecoms and patient communications into a single application to maximise practice efficiencies. It fully integrates with your Clinical System to centralise your patient communications and clinical records.

Seamless Working Environment

The Phonebar acts as a single app to handle calls, send SMS and photo requests, and file call recordings and photos back to the patient’s clinical record; creating a more seamless working environment for GPs and joined-up service for patients.

Improved Patient Experience

Active Patient offers you single-click communication options with the patient you have open in your clinical system. Users can choose the communication type, select from the numbers stored in the patient record or free type an alternative number. Identifying patients on inbound calls saves time and improves accuracy.

Appointment Management

The Appointments feature allows clinicians/GPs’ to view their appointments and make calls, video calls, send SMS messages and photo requests directly from the appointments list.

Users can switch seamlessly between records and even SMS/message all patients within an appointment list, which can be used as a reminder that patients will shortly be contacted.


Configuration Console - User Password Control changes

Shared by Product • January 10, 2024

The Supervisor’s ability to change passwords in the User section has been removed.

Users with an email address attached to their user profile will still be able to reset their password.

Now, Supervisors can send a Password reset email either from the User's profile in the Configuration Console (see image above)


Via the Service Delivery Console by clicking on the envelope icon

Logged in Users can reset their own password using the Manage Account option available via the burger menu in the SSO Consoles

The Manage Account screen looks like this:

Users enter their existing password and then enter a new password

Password Format Restrictions

  • Password must be at least 7 characters
  • Password must contain at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter
  • Password must contain at least one number


Flu Clinic Management

Shared by Product • September 29, 2023

Flu season is a very busy time of year which can cause an influx of calls

There are a variety of ways you can enhance your call flow to improve your patient contact and reduce the impact of these calls on your main call answering groups

  • Announce that you are running flu clinics in your welcome greeting/prompts so patients know to listen for specific information or instructions

  • Use additional prompts in your playlist or before your hang-up/s to let them know what to do and what alternative options are available to them when they can’t speak to someone

  • Make a Flu calendar mode which can be set each year to control all of your Flu additions

NOTE: Coming soon Check and Cancel

Feature update

EMIS Phonebar - three new features update

Shared by Product • July 17, 2023

We have listened to your feedback and added three new features to the EMIS Phonebar:

  • Copy number to clipboard
  • Secondary ringer
  • File SMS by default
New product
Feature update

SystmOne Phonebar is coming!

Shared by Product • June 22, 2023

Hi there,

In preparation for the launch of the SystmOne Phonebar we have reviewed, condensed and updated our Phonebar Guides. The new guides combine both clinical systems in a fresh, user friendly format

Look out for the release date through our socials!