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Patient Callback enhancements

Shared by Product • March 08, 2024

We are delighted to announce that our new Patient Callback enhancements are live!

X-flow changes

The Group Properties Block has a new setting within the Patient Callback Tab for additionally adding a Queue Duration and the option to send an SMS with Queue Position webpage link

There is a new Patient Callback block in the Group Properties Playlist. This has a call end attached to it which cannot be deleted. This allows Patient Callback to be offered multiple times in the queue process

EXISTING CUSTOMERS should edit their call flows offering Patient Callback, move the queue position to the end of their playlist and add the patient callback block if they wish to offer patient callback multiple times in the queue process

SDC Changes

The new Advanced Tab, Manage Patient Callback area allows surgeries to customise the heading and body to the queue position SMS which also contains the Queue Position webpage link. Surgeries have the option to customise the SMS with information (subject to character limit, links can be included but no images are accepted). There is a default message in place so no need to make changes if you don't want to

This SMS is FREE, the SMS Guide has been updated

Reporting changes

The SMS report has been enhanced to show the Queue position SMS sent

Below are the new and updated guides to support this feature: